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Here's what happened.  I went to list a small piece of property yesterday afternoon.  Usually I do a two part listing presentation.  I gather the information about the property, take pictures, and get measurements of rooms.  Then I prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to get an idea where the property should be priced according to the market's demand.  My cell phone rings this morning, it's my customer that I'm preparing the CMA for.  She has a guy who wanted to buy the property before and didn't, but now is interested again.  She asks me what I think she should do. 

Now this brings up a very interesting discussion about ethics.  I always recommend to my customers out of fairness that I will exclude people from a listing agreement, if she wants to pursue it herself.  This question really drives at the heart of why we are REALTORS.  A Real Estate Agent should be the person who is qualifying prospects before showing a home, facilitating negotiations between parties, and working on closing people who are interested in a property.  Which is basically what I relayed to my customer.  I told her that since he hadn't made a commitment before to purchase, that I could help close him on purchasing and facilitate the negotiations if she preferred.  Which is what she decided to do. 

Anyone else have thoughts on the subject or an experience they would like to share.  Post your comments.

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I rlealy appreciate free, succinct, reliable data like this.
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